LARP Accessories

Everything you need for your events

Everything you find here belongs to the category LARP accessories and serves to show you what we have created for LARP events from the materials of the weapon industry and our knowledge in LARP accessories. Here are works with all sorts of materials and also with electronics and sound. The experience of over 15 years of managing events in LARP has led to the creations in this LARP accessories section.

Plant Creature

Here a part of a mannequin served as a basis.

Used materials are wire, fabric, construction foam, foam, silicone, latex milk. Further components are LED's, pressure pump and spray nozzle with hose. By means of a pressure switch, finely atomised water can be sprayed out of the figure's mouth, and the lighting is a light that swells up and down.

Here we have worked out many details with airbrush, such as over 200 individual scales with a color gradient or the overall fine color gradations. It belongs to the most beautiful works in our LARP accessories category.



This project was based on a mannequin, which we have separated and reassembled in the arms and the head. As a basic framework for the outer shape (robe) we have stretched here a frame made of wire. This wire frame was then covered with paste-in strips of fabric in several layers. In this phase, then LED's and black light tube for the effect were installed and wired. The base is made of wood and foam and serves primarily as room for the power supply and the built-in fog machine. Then everything was coated with dyed latex. Finally, we applied a marble-look grain with airbrush and sealed everything with lacquer. The statue is built so that it can be disassembled into three parts with connectors. It belongs to the most impressive works in our LARP accessories category.


Horror Plant

This plant was built from fabric, wire, styrofoam and latex. It was used at the event Dark Seed 2014.




The scarecrow shows the different day and night effects achieved by using the right lighting. The scarecrow consists mainly of strips of fabric and a converted motorcycle helmet, in which the sound and light effects are installed. The basic structure made of wood is elaborated here with a wire frame and with fabric. It was used at the event Dark Seed 2014. It is one of the scarier works in our LARP accessories category.



Here you can see the entrance to a cornfield labyrinth. This construction was built so that it can be divided into three parts. As lighting and sound were also built into the columns, everything had to be provided with watertight couplings for this purpose. The wooden construction is elaborated into the overall form by wire mesh and then coated with fabric and paste. The faces were simple masks. The look was achieved by colored latex and airbrush designs. It is one of our technically most demanding works in our LARP accessories category.





The carnivorous plant was inspired by Star Wars. Again, foam, wire, latex milk and airbrush were used. The special here are the two plastic buckets, which were installed together with the plant in the ground . Although this "plant" evidently grows above ground, one can reach into the open "mouth" up to the elbow. For the effect, I have boiled flaxseed and filled the bucket with it. It is considered a favorite within our LARP accessory category.