The Silberwald supports

 the LARP tavern "The Happy Piglet".

The Happy Piglet now also has an armory where you can now view and purchase LARP weapons from Der Silberwald at the tavern.


The tavern is not in a restaurant or in a rented room simply decorated, but is a 100 square meter large taproom which was built exactly for this purpose in a farm building with much love and more effort. In fact, the building was once a pigsty. With wooden floors and ceilings, wood burning stove, old wooden furniture, lanterns, candle chandeliers and much more, a a lovely ambience has been created which invites you to spend a merry time.


The tavern is not only ideal for LARP sessions, but may also be used for other festivities, offering newly decorated toilets and showers and a 130 square meter hall fully developed and heated with ceilings and floors made of wood. Currently, the 100 square meter cellar is designed as a dungeon. Yes, there is the possibility to stay overnight and even a small breakfast for the morning will be provided. Once the plot has progressed so far, you have the opportunity to open the dungeon and discover it. So bring along strong nerves if you want to get down there.


The team looks forward to welcoming you!


Nibbles and drinks are available at moderate prices. Only those who want to stay overnight need to register.


For those who are interested in plot, the story surrounding the tavern is slowly built up and continues to evolve. Welcome to the Silver Sea. The LARP tavern The Happy Piglet is located in Travien, on the eastern trade route that leads from Eldoran via Travien and Tokadozien far into the steppe country. A small country next to the mighty tsarist kingdom of Tokadozien. A country marked by superstition and dark struggles.


The Happy Piglet is always worth a trip, ready to enchant you and offer a merry time. You can also find the LARP tavern on Facebook and Twitter and via the following link. Please be advised, though, that the contents there will only be provided in German.

Here you'll find the LARP tavern's homepage.



Taverne zum fröhlichen Ferkel
Pilliger Heck 3
56754 Pilligerheck