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When using our contact form, you may not only inquire about the different LARP weapons from our portfolio and the different pages of our shop, but you may also ask us any questions arising in regard to our blog posts. Use the contact form also if you like to share your ideas with us. We are always happy to receive new ideas for LARP weaponry, so please feel free anytime to get in touch by e-mail via our contact form with any ideas, concerns or concepts for a special LARP weapon or any other issues you’d like to discuss or share.

If you’re interested in getting a special weapon built by us, please send us sketches, images, photos or screenshots of your desired weapon, and please include a detailed description of your desires and vision. Detailed information, for example on the desired measurements, is always helpful: the overall length, the length of the blade of a sword, the measurements of a hammerhead or shield, the desired colors to be used, special effects or any other details that you might think are important for getting the perfect weapon for you. Please keep in mind that we might not be able to reproduce the exact shade or hue of a specific color as depictions in print or on the pc display might vary, but we always strive to get as close as possible. When we get back to you we will ask for any more details we might need or if anything is not completely clear, so do not hesitate – we don’t need professional designs or paintings and have, so far, always managed to find a satisfying solution together with our customers.

We guarantee to answer any inquiry that is sent to us. But please allow for some time in expecting an answer. Depending on the projects we are currently working on, we might not check our mailbox for new messages every day. Therefore, it might take a couple of days before you get an answer from us and we hope that you’ll be okay with that.

We look forward to any message from you!

Yours, the Silberwald Team


Marc Maibaum

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