n our blog you'll find all our news regarding topics like:

LARP weapons of all kinds and LARP shields, instructions and help on maintenance and care in order to keep the weapons functional, safe and fun to use for a long time, events that we are present at or which we support and much more. You may also take a look at our videos showing you how to find the ideal LARP weapon for you and how to order 😉 .

Cooperation with the LARP Tavern "Zum fröhlichen Ferkel"

Our blog also plays an important role for our cooperation with the LARP tavern "The Happy Piglet" (in German: "Zum fröhlichen Ferkel"). We might post about new and fascinating joint Projects which might be less concentrated on LARP weapons themselves but rather on the work of our creative department - showing how our know-how and expertise may be applied to work not only with the LARP weapons materials, but also with wood, cloth, metal and especially electronics for light and sound effects.

We hope we'll be able to excite you with our future posts - stay tuned!

Yours, the Silberwald-Team

Neue Waffen 2016

Neue Waffen 2016 Mit neue Waffen 2016 meinen wir nicht nur, dass wir unsere Modelle überarbeitet haben. Auch nicht, dass wir ihnen einen neues Aussehen verpassten, wir meinen wirklich neue […]


Unser Waffen-Update Wir möchten Euch mit unserem Waffen-Update über Änderungen bei unseren Larp Waffen informieren. Auch wenn wir sehr oft von Euch hören, wie zufrieden Ihr mit unseren LARP Waffen seid. […]


LARP Tavern "The Happy Piglet" (in German)

At the tavern „The Happy Piglet“, LARP weapons and LARP shields will be showcased during the regular tavern evening events every two months (more or less). In the armory of the tavern we will be presenting foam weapons, many of them exclusive one-of-a-kind items as special offers, so you might find LARP weapons that have never before been shown in the Silberwald shop. This makes the joint project “The Armory – The Silberwald Exclusive Presentation” always worth a visit.


Wyvern (in German) 

Here you may find all kinds of accessories and clothes for live-action roleplay. The scabbards offered by Wyvern generally fit our swords. Since there might always be variations in the length of the weapons, please make sure to discuss the fit prior to ordering.

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