Who We Are

 About Us at Der Silberwald

This section about us at Der Silberwald shall be a statement about who we are and what to expect from us. We at Der Silberwald think that today there are many producers of padded foam LARP weapons out there to cater for the needs of all the players looking for new weapons, especially when it comes to standard equipment. We therefore tend to leave the standardized weaponry behind and want to follow a new path. Or to be honest, an old way.

Almost 12 years ago, we at Der Silberwald started to build our first padded foam weapons. At that time, more or less for fun and for our own playing. We wanted to create something special, something never seen before. This spirit has now been unearthed anew. Meaning: In future, we do not want to produce LARP weaponry for the masses, but we’d like to concentrate on designing and manufacturing hand-made padded foam weapons that are unique and that challenge our craftsmanship every day.

Because this is for us what’s at the heart of it: Having fun in creating something special, because when it’s fun – and that is something you will surely be able to correlate – the results will be so much better!

All of that said, we might keep some of our bestsellers and beloved standards in our portfolio. You might find them in the “Basics” section of our weapons pages.

We look forward to your thoughts and enquiries!

Yours, the Silberwald-Team

How does it work?

Der Silberwald

Custom-made pieces of weaponry:

Please feel free to send us your designs, desires and wishes for the creation of your own individual padded foam weapon with descriptive texts, images and measurements. .You will receive a cost estimate in reply and can then decide whether you’d like to order the piece.

We try to answer to any inquiry as fast as possible. But please understand that, depending on our current projects and other orders at the time of your enquiry, we might need some more time or maybe have to postpone or refuse your order. So far we have always been able to reach a satisfying agreement, though!

Our individual and unique weapon creations:

If you are interested in one of the items shown on our website, please write to us via our "Contact" form. We will then provide you with any more details you like to know. If one of the LARP weapons in our gallery inspires you for your own order, please also get in touch and we can discuss how we may be able to create a similar padded foam weapon for you or which modifications can be made.

Materials and Construction

Der Silberwald uses the following materials in building LARP weapons and uses all of them in such a way that the end product will be a durable, unusual and unique piece of weaponry:

  • Foam material PZ 45 and PZ 70
  • GFK rods (glass fibre)
  • Latex milk
  • Professional contact adhesives
  • Real leather
  • Acryllic metallic colors
  • Airbrush colors
  • Lead ribbons
  • Plastic inlays
  • Isoflex
  • Strain relief